Dillon, day 52 of my life in DC!

It’s raining again…

Isn’t that a Supertramp song? Dad listens to some weird stuff so I never know who’s up next.
All the hassle of going outside has been stepped up another notch. Now, when we go out, they won’t let me have my ball until I use the bathroom. It’s supposed to be my reward or something, but why do I need a reward? If I have to pee, I’ll pee. Otherwise, I wanna chase my ball. Whatever…
Getting ready to go outside is no picnic either. Each time we go out, I get frisked and they take all my toys. Apparently, there are rules about which toys can go outside. Mom’s friend Kathy gave me a fuzzy rat to play with and it’s fun to squeak. I love it and I’m sure it would make a nice echo from the backyard, but I suppose I don’t get to find out. Mom said, “absolutely not!” It’s my toy and even though I try to sneak past them, there is no way I’m gonna get to take it outside.
Because it was raining all day, I thought it might be nice to help Mom with her crafting up on the production lines. She’s got a real assembly line going up there. She’s got quite a pile of pillows up there. Somebody must be pretty clumsy to need all those pillows. I’m guessing it’s Dad, I worry about him.
Dinnertime, tonight, brought a new surprise treat. Mom called it a carrot and when she gave it to me, I had no idea what it was or what to do with it. It didn’t have much smell and the texture was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, Micky knew exactly what to do with it. (I guess I should have known, it’s food!) She started crunching away happily, so I figured I would give it a try. As soon as I crunched into it, I figured out why she was so happy. They’re delicious and because I’m a good chewer, there’s plenty to crunch on.
Dinner always makes me sleepy, so I hopped up on the couch for a little shut-eye. Unfortunately, when I woke up, I wasn’t paying attention to which direction I was facing and rolled right off into the jaws of death. And by the jaws of death, I mean Micky. She was loitering in front of the couch for some reason and as I rolled off, all I saw was her face and those teeth. I’m not sure how it happened, but she was so stunned I got away before she even realized I landed on her. Whew! That was a close one. (Honestly, I think she’s warming up to me. I get away with a lot of crap she wouldn’t begin to put up with from other dogs.)

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Dillon, day 51 of my life in DC!

Ugh, what a production! You wouldn’t believe the torture Micky and I have had to endure today! First of all, it’s raining, which just generally sucks. Not that I mind the rain or being wet, but we don’t get to go outside to play when it’s raining. I’m not sure why, really. Maybe Mom thinks we don’t want to be out there or that we’ll get cold. She’s always taking care of us and making sure we have what we need. I like that about her.

Anyway, we don’t get to go out much on rainy days and that means I have to come up with other ways to spend my day. Ordinarily, I would follow Mom around to help her do the things she does. She has lots to do every day and we keep pretty busy. But today, she got all dressed up, loaded up her purse, and got ready to go on a roadtrip. Micky and I were excited because we love roadtrips. We weren’t sure where we were going, but Mom was packing several bags for the trip. Wow, a big trip! Awesome!
And then the other shoe dropped. She wasn’t packing for a roadtrip. She was packing for a shopping trip. That blows! We never get to go on shopping trips. Well, Micky gets to go sometimes, but I’m always stuck at home when it’s shopping. Ugh!
For those keeping track, that’s two crummy things in one day. First it’s raining and then we’re locked up inside while Mom is shopping. In case you were wondering, things can always get worse, and they did. That was what I was talking about when we started. The production involved in going outside and coming back in is just short of a full body cavity search. Even a little trip out to take a leak involves a full body wipe down to remove any hint of mud. It’s so undignified. Micky and I have to line up at the back door and wait to be let in. Once inside, we’re forced to go through a gauntlet of towels, mud removing gloves, and who knows what else before we’re allowed to step one foot on the floors. I don’t get it. We go outside and run around on the grass and dirt every day. It’s not like we wear shoes or anything. Why do they care so much? Sure, a little more dirt comes in with us, and maybe you can see a footprint or two [dozen], but why get so excited over a little extra dust? I can only imagine what’s gonna happen if it snows!

'Somebody stole my spot on the couch.''Sharing their hooves'
'Dillon doesn't chew with the same vigor as Micky, but he enjoys them just as much.''Micky doesn't screw around when it comes to chewies. She gets right down to business.''I'm sleeping here. Is that okay? You can work around it right?'

Dillon, day 50 of my life in DC!

Tonight, we’re going to do something a little different. Dillon has been hogging my computer for the past month and a half, so I though it was about time I had a chance to say something. So, tonight, this is Mike talking about Dillon and Micky.

When you bring a new dog, person, whatever into your life, you’re agreeing to figure out a way to find a happy life together. Dillon has done well over the past month and a half and it feels like he’s always been part of the family. As much as he complains about Micky in his posts, the two of them get along very well and she’ll even curl up to sleep with him. And as much as her mouthful of teeth scare Dillon, she’s only shown them to him a few times and never seriously tried to get him. This weekend, you couldn’t wedge your fingers between the two because they were cuddled up so closely. They respect each other and their space, so everyone gets along.
When they’re outside, they play well together and share most things. Sometimes, Micky gets a wild hair and decides she wants to play with one of his balls, but it doesn’t last too long and then the world returns to its natural orbit. However, the look on his face as she sits quietly trying to chew his ball apart is priceless.
He’s a curious little guy and wants to know what Micky is doing as she hunts for moles. He hasn’t figured out how to hunt for moles yet (or the carcass when she’s killed one), but he certainly knows what to do with squirrels. We used to have squirrels visit our back porch daily, but with two black and white sets of teeth out there, the squirrels keep a little farther back these days.
Of course, you’ve heard about Dillon’s ball. That boy is never very far from one. He’s snoozing on my lap right now with a ball wedged under his head. When he leaves one outside, he is momentarily upset, but then sneaks away and reappears with a different one. Where he hides them, we haven’t figured out, but he certainly has no problem remembering.
Sitting inside at night, he usually has a lot of extra energy to burn off. So, he’ll hop up on your lap and politely place the ball in a spot convenient for you to throw it for him. If you don’t throw it in a time he deems reasonable, he’ll come over and move it to a spot a little more convenient to throw it. He doesn’t bark or make a lot of fuss about it. He just puts it down for you, backs up, and sits down to wait until you throw it. I’m sure he’s thinking “Dance Monkey! Throw my ball!” But he’s so polite about it, you just can’t help but play with him.
Typing can be a bit challenging when either Micky or Dillon is around. Dillon will drop his ball right in the middle of the keyboard and then when you don’t react, he’ll step across to move the ball to remind you it’s there. Micky doesn’t screw around. When she wants you to pay attention to her, she just plops her little butt in the middle of your keyboard and stares at you. Don’t underestimate that sweet little face. She’s got the “hang dog” look mastered and can guilt you into just about anything.
These two little guys are as different as they can be, but each has a special place here. We’re as lucky to have both of them as they are to have us.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled dog blog…

Dillon, day 49 of my life in DC!

When I first got here, I was a crazy monkey on a leash. The first time we went on a walk around the neighborhood, Mom was about to totally lose her Sh*t. I ran around in circles, weaved around Micky and got the leashes tied up, and I barked at about everything I saw. Apparently, this was so frustrating, Mom wanted to go back to the house and write it off completely. She said “we don’t live like this! We have dogs that know how to act civilized on a leash.” Well, EXCUUUSE ME! I’ve never had such a life and walking around a new neighborhood with a new family was exciting to me. I wanted everyone to know how happy I was and I needed to sniff everything because it was new.

I sorta felt bad that Mom got upset, so when she took me on a private “training” walk, I tried real hard to act like a gentleman. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of things. After all the newness of my neighborhood wore off, I was content to just hang out with Mom. Now, I’m a pro. I strut my stuff down the street and all the other dogs just stare.
It was a little warmer outside today so we got to hang out in the yard and do whatever we wanted. Dad played ball with me and Micky hunted. Now, I’m not much of a hunter, but if you have to scrounge around in uncomfortable places, I think I’ll leave it to the experts. And Micky is clearly an expert. You should see where she was perched, waiting for a mole to pop up. (Look at the photo of her.) Dad was cracking up. Every time she wagged her little tail, the leaves would rustle and Dad would laugh. She’s a hoot!

She can find a good spot to snooze at any time. She was back to wandering around as the sun was starting to hit the terraces. When she spotted the sun reflecting off the bricks, she knew immediately where to plop down. (There’s a photo here of Micky in her perfect spot.) She snoozed out there for about a half hour. When the sun moved on, she hopped up and moved back inside to see if it was snack time.
After snacks, I wanted to play ball some more, but I couldn’t find the one I had been playing with earlier. I was bummed. I think I left it out back when I was done playing. Mom’s always telling me to put my toys away when I’m done. Maybe this is why.
Nah, probably not. I’m sure it’s just because she’s tired of stepping on my chew hooves. Besides, I always stash a spare ball somewhere in the house. I think its kind of funny. They look all over the house, trying to find em, but I keep em well hidden. They’re always amazed when I sneak off and come right back with one of my balls. I think they’re starting to catch on that I hide em, but I’m pretty sure they’ll never figure out where I’ve got em stashed.

Dillon, day 48 of my life in DC!

Okay, I need to set the record straight. Some people see my little black belt and think I’ve been having trouble sorting out where the bathroom is. I DO NOT HAVE POTTY TRAINING ISSUES! That is my Junk Warmer! When I first moved in with my new family, they wanted me to be successful in learning the ropes here and one piece of being successful is learning where the doors are and how to let them know I need to go to the bathroom. Because I can’t talk and the layout of the house was new, they gave me a belly band in case I had an accident. I am a puppy and all and my muscles aren’t fully developed and trained. Well, I’ve figured out the layout and they’ve figured out how to read my cue that I want to go outside. Everything is working great, but I still wear my Junk Warmer. It doesn’t bother me at all and it keeps my junk warm. It has been so cold around here that any extra heat is a welcome addition. At night when we go to bed, I start out in my Junk Warmer, but because I’m so skinny, I slither out of it. No problem. It’s not like I’m going to pee in the bed. That’s where I sleep! When we get up in the morning, we all come downstairs and I go right to the back door so I can relieve myself outside like I’m supposed to do. They trust me, but they’re also helping me.

Last night Dad did the most amazing thing. He sat down with a whole plate of little orange balls. Of course, because they were balls, he had my full attention. When he picked one up, I thought he was going to chuck it for me. Nope! What he did was was even more amazing! He PEELED the orange cover off! I had NO idea they could do that! I have been chewing on my little orange ball for over a month now and I have never seen the cover come off. Dad must be a genius or some sort of magician!
Once he got the cover all the way off, he showed it to me and it smelled so good! (Do not ask me to describe what orange smells like. Bunch of wiseacres…) He then broke the whole thing into little pieces and started eating them. He was eating my Ball! What the heck?!? I was fascinated! Who knew you could actually eat the things? Dad could tell I was curious, so he bit off a little piece and offered it to Micky. Apparently, she’s seen this trick before because she munched it right down. I was a bit more apprehensive when he offered me a piece and I needed to sniff at it for a second to make sure what was going on. When I finally did take a bite, it was like a little bit of heaven. It was sweet and a little tangy, but I immediately knew I wanted another piece. For the next ten minutes, Dad, Micky, and I munched down a whole plate of orange balls. Awesome!
I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I haven’t seen my favorite orange ball since Dad ate one last night. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m a little suspicious. Dad tried to explain that they were Halo tangerines, but they looked a heck of a lot like my favorite ball! I’ll let you know later if my ball shows up!

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Dillon, day 47 of my life in DC!

Play Date! Yay! I don’t know why they call it Black Friday. It was a little cloudy and gray outside, but certainly not black. In fact, the afternoon was so nice that my friend Kona came over. (I mentioned him before. He’s the one they call Stop That!) While we were out in front, putting up the Christmas lights, Liz and Kona walked by. Well, to be clear, Kona walked by and Liz was being dragged along behind him. He’s a puppy too, but he’s very strong. I think he’s what they call a Pit Bull mix. I see people on TV saying they’re scared of them, but I think he’s awesome. He’s just a big dopey guy who likes to play.
At first we were wrestling on the front lawn, but it’s a little hard to really get into it when you’re wearing a leash. So, Mom suggested that we go out back to play. That was a great idea! There’s plenty of room to really run out there and I know the race track path so I could stay out in front of Kona and not get mowed over. He plays really nicely with me, but he’s still kind of a clumsy puppy and things happen.
The other thing good about playing out back is that Dad piled up all the leaves in the corner! It’s a huge pile and really fun to play in. (Take a look at my video!) Dad grabbed my tennis ball and chucked it into the pile of leaves for me to go find. Awesome! I hauled butt right in there. It was like surfing on marshmallows. I could sort of stay on the top, but the ball sank down into the leaves. Once I got to the middle of the pile, I “swam” downward looking for my ball. Everyone was amazed that I could find it so easily. Have they never seen what a dog can do with its nose? I may be young, but I know how to use my nose. I sniffed around and flung leaves out of the way until I found what I was looking for. What a blast! I was loving it and Kona seemed to be enjoying it too! The only real difference was that his big butt just sank into the leaves! Hah!
One drawback to having a big Pit Bull as your friend is that he drools a lot. My whole head was coated in dog slobber. It looked like I had stuck my head in the sprinklers. I like having a big muscular friend around though. With him watching my back, I’ll never have to worry that somebody will sneak up and get me. Not that this is a real problem around here, but you never know.
I was exhausted tonight! After Kona left, I came inside with barely enough energy to carry my ball. When Mom suggested that I needed a nap, I didn’t even argue with her. I snoozed and snoozed so much that I almost missed dinner. Fortunately, Micky’s little stomach alarm goes off like a ship’s claxon right on time. She may have missed a meal or two somewhere along the way, but not since I’ve been here.
If this is what Black Friday is all about, sign me up! I’ll be back for it again next year.

Dillon, day 23 of my life in DC!

This place just gets better and better. Today, Mom brought home a new ball for me. It was such a pretty blue with a great little squeaker. I LOVE IT!

Just to make sure that it was perfect, Mom came out into the backyard with me to play ball while Micky was digging for moles. (As a side note, that little squirt is determined and relentless. You should see the hole she dug. Heck, watch the video!)
When Dad got home, I was so excited to show him my new ball. So, I jumped up on Dad’s lap.

Dillon: Hey Dad, here’s my new ball. [Drops ball on laptop keyboard]
Mike: Thanks buddy
D: Can you throw it for me?
M: Sorry buddy, I can’t throw your ball all the time.
D: Why Not!?!
M: Because someone has to work around here.
D: What’s work?
M: That’s the stuff that makes all the chewy snacks and new balls possible.
D: Oh, okay…
M: You good with that Dill?
D: Yeah, I guess… Can I have my ball back?
M: Sure!
D: Since you’re gonna give it back, could you throw it?
M: Fine, you win…

He’s a good guy, but he walked right into my trap.

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