Dillon, day 83 of my life in DC!

She’s Back! She’s back! She’s back! Hurray! My girlfriend’s back!
It may have been New Year’s Eve, but all I know is that my favorite playmate in the whole world came to see me.
That’s right, Truckee came over to visit and I chewed on her all night long! Because it was New Year’s we got to stay up all night! By the end of the night, we could barely move.
When Truckee and Abner first showed up, we turned the house into the site of “Battle Royale.” We ran from room to room, barking and chewing as we went. We were having a ball. Even Abner got in on it. (Micky was having none of it. She just wanted to sit on laps and have people scratch her ears.) The best part of all this is that nobody cared. They think dogs running around the house is hilarious and they think my chewing on a dog 4 times my size is awesome!
Dad has video of our wrestling matches, but he’s griping about being too tired to splice it together. It’s too bad that he didn’t have night vision for his camera, because he missed out on our Indy 500 run around the backyard. Yes, we were allowed out back in the muddy yard. Thankfully, it has been pretty dry lately.
With all this excitement, I almost forgot that we have new neighbors. Supposedly they have a dog, but Micky and I haven’t seen em yet. In truth, I’m too tired to expend much effort looking. I hope it’s a nice dog who likes to play. I need more friends who live close to me.

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Dillon, day 82 of my life in DC!

Locking me out of the backyard wasn’t punishment enough. Now, we’re doing something she calls “Learning Manners.” I have no idea what that means except that I get latched up to a leash when their friends come over. Apparently, not everyone likes to have a dog standing in their lap when they sit on the couch. Worse, when they’re sitting on the floor, playing cards, I’m not allowed to wander around and push my ball under the ottoman.

This is a fine kettle of fish! I hope this whole manners thing doesn’t last long.
Oh, and the abuse doesn’t stop there. The other night Mom and Dad said I must be part cat. Do I look like a cat? If I see a stranger, do I not bark? If I find a new bush, do I not raise my leg on it? How can I be part cat?
Dad says it’s because I like to rub up against people and weave between their legs. Well, and maybe I hunch my back a bit while I’m doing it. That does not mean I have cat in me anywhere. Dad says if I need more evidence, the fact that I love to sit up at the top of the stairs and drop my ball to watch it fall should cover it. Why is that weird? I love to watch things fall. When I drop my ball, it bounces and rolls around and then I can chase it. I love it!
Oh well, at least I can still enjoy watching TV. The other night, I was watching Jimmy Fallon and it was hilarious. They had Metallica on there, playing little toy instruments. It sounded pretty good. Not a bad way to relax before going to bed!

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Dillon, day 81 of my life in DC!


Today, Micky was out back wandering around, minding her own business, so Mom left her out there to enjoy the fresh air. Big Mistake! When Mom went back out to get her, Micky’s feet were covered in mud. The little stinker had been digging a hole, looking for something.
Mom was NOT pleased. Well, she thought it was a little funny, but she was also not letting her in the house looking like an escapee from an oil spill. Mom picked her up, carefully, and carried her straight to the bathtub. Micky got a second bath! Fantastic! She’s always getting away with murder around here. It’s nice to see her get a little taste of the house rules. Besides, she’s stinks, smells like a girl.
When Dad got home, she was still moping in her “vacation home” crate. (We have lots of crates. Did I mention that?) She goes in there whenever she wants to be alone and not have anyone bother her. About the only thing she came out for was a snack Mom gave us later on. When we finally did get to go outside, Micky was watched carefully, but it didn’t matter. She was on her best behavior and came running when Mom called for us to come in. I pick on Micky, but I have to say, she’s not stupid.
I bet she doesn’t start digging in the yard tomorrow morning…

Dillon, day 80 of my life in DC!

These people are really trying to make my bath last. The list of things that I’m no longer allowed to do is growing every day. When we go out back, nobody throws my ball beyond the lower patio and I’m watched carefully any time we go out front. What a screw job! I get it that Mom doesn’t like to clean up all the footprints, but come on! Let a kid have some fun.

On the other hand, Micky gets to wander around outside on her own and do pretty much whatever she wants. I swear there’s a double standard around here, I just can’t prove it. I get all the cuddling I can handle, but Micky gets left alone to get into all sorts of fun stuff… Hmmm.
I figured with the weather being so much nicer we’d be outside more. Apparently, my definition of “nicer” does not match theirs. They still think it’s cold out there. While Mom did take me on a walk, I was hoping for a trip to the park or something. At the very least a car ride. I can’t wait for spring.

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Dillon, day 79 of my life in DC!

People always ask me “Hey Dill, how do you come up with your daily posts?” Well, I’m glad you asked. The truth is, it’s a laborious process of thinking about my daily activities and then plotting out an outline that fully covers the feeling and context of my daily life. I really struggle to capture the essence of my new life in the DC area.
Nah, what a load. I just get to mid-evening and relax for a few minutes. Then, I just write down the silly crap that goes on around here every day. Seriously, these people are warped. All I have to do is write it down. Micky munching down a mole, playing with my neighborhood buddies, it’s easy.
Part of the reason it’s easy is that my family does their best to keep me busy. I was about to say entertained, but the truth is, they just do their usual routine and I love it. I’m very social, so I try to stay involved in everything they do. (Just ask them how irritated I get when they shut the bathroom door on me.)
Even Micky has finally warmed up to me. She was wrestling with me for a little bit this morning and always wants to snooze near me on cold days. I’ve gotta say that 2016 has been a pretty decent year. It started out a little shaky in the shelter, but then Terry came along and rescued me. After that, I got a LOOONNNGGG car ride up to the DC area and I got my new family and new home. My first Christmas season has been pretty good and with New Year’s right around the corner, I’m looking forward to what comes next. Dad says sod in the backyard comes next, but I think he was just pissy because I had dirty feet.
Micky keeps telling me about car rides with Dad to go take pictures in the spring and that sounds wonderful. Maybe by then, they’ll let me ride with a seatbelt instead of a crate, but who cares as long as I get to go. Mom is always going on about this thing call the “Rat Jam,” but I’m not sure what that is. She mentioned that she wants to camp. I have NO idea what camping means. Dad says it’s sleeping outside in the cold and fending for ourselves, but I know he’s just screwing with me. Mom would never make me sleep outside. Micky maybe, but not me. She says I’m the baby and need to be watched after.
Speaking of leaving Micky outside. Today, we all came back inside from the backyard except Micky. She was sitting down on the last patch of grass, chewing on acorns or something, and didn’t realize that we had all gone inside. Mom got busy doing things and Dad was working in the office. I was drifting back and forth between them. Then, when Mom was working on her computer, she heard a tap, tap, tap on the door. At first she didn’t know what the noise was and then realized it was Micky at the back door. I could have died; the little stinker wanted back in and nobody was paying attention. The only thing that would have made it better is if it was still cold outside. No such luck today. It was almost 70 degrees today. Bummer.
Well, that’s how I come up with my daily posts.

Dillon, day 78 of my life in DC!

Okay, so Christmas was great! The day after? Not so much!

Mom was in a great mood this morning and that should have been a clue. As usual, she was busy doing stuff around the house, cleaning up and putting things away. Then, she disappeared upstairs. I thought she was going to craft, so I followed her. I like to craft. There’s a nice cozy bed for me to sleep in right there in the sweatshop … uh, I mean craft shop.
Yeah, big mistake. She was NOT headed to the craft shop. She was headed to the torture room. (She calls it the guest bath, but when you’re getting dumped in the tub, torture is a bit more fitting.) Yup, it was bath day! What a great way to ruin a fun weekend. Does she not know how hard it is to get the perfect balance of dirt and stink? Those mud stains on my arms are the result of some heavy duty playing. Clearly, she didn’t care, because I got scooped up and chucked in the tub with no concern for my feelings on the subject. About the only thing good about my bath was that I knew Micky was getting one next. If I’ve gotta suffer, she’s gotta suffer.
One serious drawback to this whole bath thing is that I’m no longer allowed to have any fun. I can’t rough house with my friends and I’m certainly not going out in the backyard to chase my ball. (That’s where I got dirty in the first place.) And today would have been a great day to go out there to play. There’s a pair of squirrels setting up shop in the tree that overhangs the yard. Mom thinks they’re getting ready to have little snacks, I mean baby squirrels. Dad’s all excited because the branch is right at deck level, so he can get photos of them when they start moving around. We’ll see if this happens. More importantly, Micky and I will be watching intently to see if any of them fall out of the tree.
Because I couldn’t go out back, I got dragged out front anytime I needed to use the bathroom. How degrading. There is absolutely no privacy out there. I may have mentioned before, but I’m a very private dog. I like to poop where nobody can see me, behind a tree or something. Anyway, when we went out front, Kona, the big lug I like to chew on, was out there walking with his Mom. Santa must have hit his house too, because he had on a brand new winter coat. It was pretty stylish and it looked really warm. (Hint, Hint… I’m freezing out here.)
Since Dad was walking me, I thought I was going to get to play a bit, but he wasn’t having it. Apparently, he’s as scared of Mom as the rest of us. He told Kona’s mom that we couldn’t play because Mom wanted me to stay clean for at least 24 hours. (Good luck with that.) Well, despite his efforts to keep me away from Kona, I still managed to get in a couple of licks before I got dragged inside. Unfortunately, neither Dad nor I was aware of the smudge of mud on my arm. Ah Crap! Both of us were in the doghouse for that.
Today was turning out to be a real bummer. After Mom spotted the smudge on my arm, she scooped me up and started marching upstairs. Crap, I thought I was going back to the bathtub! To my utter amazement, when she got to the top of the stairs, she turned right instead of left.
SCORE! Nap Time!
I guess mom felt bad after torturing me all day or we finally broke her. Either way, I got to nap with her all cuddled up in the cozy nap blankets. Awesome! Even though the nap was pretty short, it was still great. I like snoozing with Mom. She doesn’t snore, likes to keep me close while she’s snoozing, and I always get cookies when we wake up. I suppose that’s life’s little lesson for today. You gotta take the good with the bad…

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Dillon, day 77 of my life in DC!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow, my first Christmas! It has been pretty cool so far. Last night, when Mom’s friend Kathy came over, she brought a whole bag of goodies for Micky and Me! There were cookies, a set of bells for the door so I can tell people I want to go outside and a new Kong toy! I love it.
Today, Christmas, we had a bunch of treats to start the day. We opened a few presents, but none of it was anything cooler than the stuff Kathy brought yesterday. The stuff Mom got me was cool and all, but I don’t get em all at once. She’s gonna dole out my treats and stuff like there’s a checklist or something. She may as well have bought me underwear…
I didn’t see the Fat Man [Santa] when he dropped off all the goodies, but there was definitely evidence. Half the cookies were gone and I can’t find any of the brownies. That’s okay, I really like the Kong toy Kathy brought, so I’m cool for now. Besides, I know Mom and Dad will get me more stuff when I need it.
Tonight’s dinner was awesome! We had something called a Honey Ham. Honey, that thing was delicious! Micky and I got a small, special “Dinner Plate” of our own in the kitchen after dinner. Woo Hoo! Give Me More! Unfortunately, we didn’t get any of the Christmas cookies. Apparently, they’re willing to share everything, as long as everything doesn’t include the Christmas cookies. What a Gyp!
Ahh… Now that dinner is over it’s time for a snooze. Ham may not be the same as turkey for putting you to sleep, but we’ve been busy over the past few days with all the visitors and stuff. So, in fine holiday tradition, Micky and I are crashed out on the couch, snoozing. For a first Christmas, I’m pretty happy. I have lots of friends, new toys, plenty of snacks, and a family that loves me.
Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope yours was as good as mine!

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Dillon, day 76 of my life in DC!

I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday. I was so excited about my new friend Sean and all the ball playing I got to do that I earned my watchdog merit badge yesterday. Dad was so proud of me. And so excited too!

It was mid-afternoon and I was hanging out on the rug by the front door when I saw something out front. I didn’t recognize it so naturally, I started barking. Dad came down to see what the problem was and saw the neighborhood fox walking around the yard across the street.
As soon as Dad saw it, he ran back upstairs as fast as he could, to the office. For some reason, he had his camera set up in the upstairs window, so he was ready to go. He says he got a bunch of good photos and was very happy about my watchdog skills. He even called to Mom to get her to come look too. I guess the fox is pretty big and very pretty. So now, I’m a watchdog! I’m starting to move up the responsibility ladder around here. Soon, I’ll be running this place!
Foxes aren’t the only things running loose around here. This morning while I was out watering the neighborhood bushes and stuff, I heard a rustling noise. (Dad was oblivious as usual.) When I looked up, there were two HUGE deer standing right in front of us. It was so cool! I looked at them and they looked at me, but nobody got all weird about it. We just stood there for a few minutes enjoying the crisp winter morning.
Unfortunately, when I decided to go get a closer look, the deer decided it was time to roll. I don’t know how they did it, but they just disappeared. They were there one minute and gone the next. Even Dad was amazed. They dropped down over the top of the little hill, but when we got to the top of that same hill less than 5 seconds later, they were nowhere to be seen. Amazing! They blend in so well!
Tonight is Christmas Eve. I don’t know what that means, but I guess people are coming to visit and stuff. Mom’s friend Kathy is coming over later and maybe some more tonight. I hope they bring dog friends or those little short humans. I want someone to play with while Mom & Dad talk about all their boring stuff.

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Dillon, day 75 of my life in DC!

I have a new best friend. His name is Sean! He throws my ball non-stop and doesn’t mind being out in the cold at all.

Today was awesome! It started out like any other day with people coming and going from the basement. (I think Mom & Dad are running some sort of sweat shop out of the basement.) After everyone left, I was snoozing on the couch, just minding my own business. You know, just a typical day afternoon…
Then, out of nowhere, Dad’s friend Eric showed up with his family. Everyone was standing around talking about the plumbers, the holes, the blah, blah, blah!
TLDL (That’s “too long, didn’t listen.” I learned it on the internet.)
While I’m glad Dad’s friends came over, I could care less what they were talking about. I tried to tell them several times by bringing each of my balls to them, but the only one to figure it out was Sean. He’s one of those little short humans, but is clearly the smart one in the group. I mean, how hard is it to figure out what I want when I’m stuffing a ball in your hand? [Editor’s note: Get your mind out of the gutter. This is a kid’s show!]
Anyway, Sean came out back with me and threw my ball over and over again. It must have been most of an hour. His big sister Lisa even got in on the fun.
At one point, he was doing this really cool trick where he rolled my ball down the banister of the deck stairs while I stood at the bottom of the stairs. It was really cool when it rolled right off the end and I caught it. That made everyone giggle. Another thing that made them giggle was watching me run down the stairs. Apparently, they’ve never seen someone go down the stairs on two feet. Why wouldn’t I? It’s way faster that way!
Maybe that’s the secret. It’s the short humans who really know how to play. Whatever it is, I hope they come back soon.

Dillon, day 74 of my life in DC!

I’m pretty sure I’m offended. Today, Dad took off for the store and I didn’t get to go along. Of course, Micky did. I was all excited when Dad started grabbing his keys and then a leash. I thought we were going on a car ride. They were, I wasn’t. What the heck?

After they left, I sat and moped for a while. I wasn’t even interested in the guys filling in the holes out front. So what? I don’t get to help with that either! This whole Christmas thing is starting to Piss me off. What’s so merry about it?
What’s worse is what happened when they got home. Dad was all sneaky and he wouldn’t let me see. When Mom started asking questions, Dad told Micky not to spill the beans. That’s when he was just mean to me. He said the reason I didn’t get to go was because I can’t keep a secret. What the heck? It’s not my fault. I try, but Mom has that funny, cute voice that I just can’t resist. She asks and I can’t help myself. Besides, Micky would sell Dad out for a Chewy Snack in a heartbeat. How’s he gonna trust her?
So, Micky got to go on a car ride, hang out in the sun, and say hello to people, while I got stuck at home and had no fun at all. Well, that’s not totally true. That nice lady Michelle came by with her daughter to see the new pipes and drop off more stuff I can’t have. Guess what though? Her daughter likes to play ball too! Awesome!
She thinks I’m the cutest. She gave us treats and chucked my ball for me. This is my kind of visitor. Anyone who thinks I’m cute and will throw my ball is welcome any time. (Truth is, just about everyone thinks I’m the Sh*t! Cause I am!)
If this is what Christmas is all about, I guess I’m in. Visitors every day, people who want to play with me, this is awesome. Sure, I didn’t get to go on a car ride, but Mom said something about the park later this weekend, so I’m cool. The only thing left is when the fat man with a beard shows up later this weekend. (No, I’m not talking about Dave, he never brings me presents.) I can’t wait to see what Santa brings me. I hope it’s a steak!