Dillon, day 54 of my life in DC!

Yay! Taco night! I love taco night. The house smells so good and when it’s dinner time, Mom has saved some of the hamburger for Micky and me. She sprinkles it in with the rest of our dinner and it is just delicious.

Before you go thinking that we’re spoiled and we always get a cooked dinner, let me set you straight. This is a 1970’s era home where you eat what is served. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But, that’s all you’re getting. Fortunately, we really like what she gives us. It’s some sort of grain-free mess, but it’s tasty. Mom says we don’t need grains in our diets. That’s right! We’re meat eaters! Well, Micky more than me and she’s willing to eat some stinky little mole she finds wandering in the yard. (Cowering under a rock is more like it.) I don’t mind the hunting part, but eating them is so messy, Ew!
Anyway, Dinner was awesome!
If you’re keeping up, today was day two of Boot Camp! I can see why Dad was laughing at me too. Up at the crack of dawn and back to the regimen of having every minute of the day programmed and monitored. First, we go outside and then it’s breakfast time. Because I’m hungry, I don’t screw around. I hit the first bush I see! When breakfast is over, it’s time for chores. I help Mom as much as I can. Mostly, I follow her around and keep her company.
At one point, I came back into the kitchen and was horrified by what I saw. This place is falling apart! Micky stole my ball and then stole my house! The whole world is going crazy! It’s not fair! She has two crates and they’re both bigger than mine… A Lot Bigger! What does she need with mine? And let’s not forget that she stole my favorite ball! (They’re all my favorites, but let’s not get too focused on that point.) How depressing! I just laid on the floor in front of the crate and moped. Mom thought this was an invitation to further embarrass me and whipped out her camera. She thought the little moans I was making were “cute” and “funny.” I was not amused! Micky eventually gave up tormenting me, but I was still peeved! I’m gonna go mess up her crates first chance I get!

Mike Olness's photo.


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