Dillon, day 56 of my life in DC!

That little Bitch! (Mom says that’s not a bad word since Micky is a girl dog.)
Today, we were cleaning up the leaves with the big hair dryer again, so Micky and I were out there playing. I had both of my favorite balls out there and we even found my tennis ball. When I wasn’t watching, Micky sneaked over and snatched my blue and orange ball and wandered off by herself. A minute later, she came back up on the deck and grabbed my blue ball. When she sneaked off with that one too, I figured out what she was doing. That little stinker was hiding my balls! What the heck? Mom & Dad thought she was going to play with them, but it turns out she was just hiding em to be mean. And here I thought she was warming up to me.
At one point before this whole ball episode, Micky got a wild hair and went on a crazy run around the yard. Yay! I love running. When she took off, I ran after her. She was really picking up those stumpy little legs of hers and putting em down. She was really moving. Fortunately, my legs are way longer than hers and keeping up with her was a breeze. As she ran along, I nudged her in the shoulder and was generally being a nuisance to her, but she was having fun too. As she ran along, she would look back at me and snap at me with her teeth to try to keep me away, but I didn’t care. When she ran under the lower deck, I let her go. It’s creepy under there and I was NOT going to follow her. Who knows what sort of boogeyman is hiding under there?
After about 6 laps around the yard, she finally gave up. That’s a lot of running for her little legs. The truth is, I needed a break too. What I didn’t realize was that she was lulling me into thinking she was tired, because when I was resting on the deck, she sneaked off with my balls. She’s a crafty little thing. I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on her. She’s probably the reason my favorite orange ball is missing. (Are you seeing a trend? all the balls are my favorites?)
Dad thinks it’s funny that everywhere I go, I have a ball in my mouth. He just laughs when he sees me following him around with my ball. He swears that he used to walk around with spare dog cookies in his pockets and now he has a spare ball instead. That’s a good thing! I like that he keeps track of my ball for me. Take last night for example: When we went out to walk around the neighborhood, I set my ball down on the grass. Just to be sure, I looked at Dad, but he was already reaching down to pick it up. (Yes, I always check to make sure he picks it up. He does! He’s a good guy.)
Now that all the leaves are gone from the backyard, I’m exhausted. Time for a snooze. I’m not sure how I feel about not having my leaf pile anymore. While I loved “swimming” in the leaves, it’s a lot easier to find my toys without them around. Oh well, Dad said there will be more leaves next year.

Mike Olness's photo.


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