Dillon, day 62 of my life in DC!

Taunting Micky is a bad idea!

This morning, Micky and I were out back playing when she discovered a squirrel hiding in the woodpile. As soon as Micky saw it, she was on it like a flash. That poor squirrel barely made it to the top of the fence and only a single paw kept it from disaster as it jumped across to a tree. Needless to say, Micky was not happy about missing a tasty morsel, so she stayed right there by the fence.
A few minutes later, the squirrel poked its head up over the top of the fence and looked down at Micky. When she saw the squirrel, it was like a scene out of the O. K. Corral. They stared at each other for a moment and then the squirrel bolted for the other side of the yard along the top of the fence. Mick was right there with it, bouncing off the fence in an attempt to knock the squirrel off. Again, the squirrel barely made it to the tree branch it was trying to reach. Stupid squirrel! While it may have been a game to the squirrel, it was definitely not a game to Micky. If she had gotten a hold of it, the result would have been a bloody mess and one less squirrel in the world.
For the most part, we like our little squirrel friends, but Dad says Darwin was right; thinning out the stupid ones is necessary sometimes. We’re not sure whether this squirrel was brave or stupid, but we’re leaning toward stupid!
Another weird thing we saw out back was our water bowl. I tried to get a drink, but for some reason the water was a solid block. I thought someone was screwing with me, but Dad said it was just really cold last night and it had turned to ice. I think Dad was trying to scare me when he said that some dogs have to sleep outside on nights like last night. That’s impossible! How could someone leave their dogs out in weather like that? I mean, I can understand leaving a cat out in that, but not a dog!
I was so fascinated by the hard water, I didn’t even realize Mom was getting ready to go somewhere. When I came back inside, Mom was all loaded up and ready to go. Since Dad was home, I wasn’t getting totally ditched, but as it turns out it was Dad and Micky who were getting ditched. Mom and I were off to Puppy Playgroup. Woo Hoo! Back to Petco, Where The Pets Go! Two days in a row, I love it! Today, there was another puppy there, Chelsea. She was of the “Doodle” variety. I can never tell which one is which. They all have curly hair and are a general mess. Besides, when I heard her the dog’s name was Chelsea, I thought they were talking about the Clinton girl. (You’ll get it eventually…)
Chelsea was alright, but there was a little boy there who wanted to throw my ball for me. Well, have at it! I’m up for a good game of toss anytime. He was just a little boy, but his throwing arm worked pretty well. Another good thing was that in between games of toss, they had free cookies for us. I’m really beginning to be a fan of Petco. And guess what? Mom says we’re going back tomorrow and Dad’s coming too!
The only bad thing about all this special treatment is that I’m starting to expect it. When Mom went to the grocery store with Micky, I had a bit of a tantrum. She told Dad that she could hear me outside, with the door closed. She also told him that when she came back 15 minutes later, I was still howling. Well, I was pissed and I thought she was taking Micky to MY Petco! She tried to assure me that wasn’t the case, and the bag of chicken seemed to bear that out, but still. Why risk not letting her know my opinion about going to Petco without me?

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