Dillon, day 81 of my life in DC!


Today, Micky was out back wandering around, minding her own business, so Mom left her out there to enjoy the fresh air. Big Mistake! When Mom went back out to get her, Micky’s feet were covered in mud. The little stinker had been digging a hole, looking for something.
Mom was NOT pleased. Well, she thought it was a little funny, but she was also not letting her in the house looking like an escapee from an oil spill. Mom picked her up, carefully, and carried her straight to the bathtub. Micky got a second bath! Fantastic! She’s always getting away with murder around here. It’s nice to see her get a little taste of the house rules. Besides, she’s stinks, smells like a girl.
When Dad got home, she was still moping in her “vacation home” crate. (We have lots of crates. Did I mention that?) She goes in there whenever she wants to be alone and not have anyone bother her. About the only thing she came out for was a snack Mom gave us later on. When we finally did get to go outside, Micky was watched carefully, but it didn’t matter. She was on her best behavior and came running when Mom called for us to come in. I pick on Micky, but I have to say, she’s not stupid.
I bet she doesn’t start digging in the yard tomorrow morning…


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