Dillon, day 84 of my life in DC!

I am SO tired. I stayed up way too late and I played WAY too hard with Truckee. When I got up this morning, I could barely drag myself down the stairs. It was worth it, but I’m wiped.

Thankfully, today was a football day and everyone was happy to sit and watch TV. That way, I had a nice cozy lap to sit in all day and I was covered by a warm blanket most of the time. It’s coming up on 10pm and I’ve probably been awake for a whole two hours all day.
While I was snoozing, I guess Micky was out investigating the neighbors. She was peeking over the fence trying to see what was going on, but her little legs were too short. Poor thing.
She should have been watching the deck too. Later, while both of us were snoozing, those rotten little squirrels decided to play on the deck. Dad said there were three of em up there at one point. Three squirrels on my deck and we didn’t even notice. What the heck?
The one time I did go outside I wasn’t paying attention and goofed. Have you ever been so tired you pee’ed on your own leg? Well, unfortunately it happened to me today. I felt like such a moron! Thank goodness it was Dad who was outside with me. He cleaned me up without making a big deal out of it. He just smiled and said “It happens sometimes…”
If this is the way everyone feels on January first, it’s no wonder they make resolutions. I resolve to try not to over do things next New Year’s eve. (I also resolve not to pee on my own leg anymore… most of the time.) Oh my goodness. I’m too tired to jump up on the couch. Thank goodness Dad can see how exhausted I am and helps me up. I’m gonna need at least one more day to recover. Maybe I should adopt Micky’s plan. She just rolled through the day yesterday at a steady pace and she’s just fine today.

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