Dillon, day 94 of my life in DC!

I’m getting better at being left at home. I don’t always have to lost my Sh*t when my people leave me at home, alone. I guess I’m not really alone. Micky is there too, but she’s sound asleep usually. So, she’s no help at all.
I’m a busy little guy and have lots to do every day. When I’m stuck in my crate, I’m not doing those things.
In the past, I would have tried to explain my predicament to them. Yeah, sure, it sounds like I’m losing my Sh*t to those who don’t speak “dog,” it just sounds like a tantrum. So, now I just try to play it cool.
When Mom comes home, my blanket isn’t halfway across the floor and the tray floor for my crate is still where it belongs, inside my crate. The part I think Mom appreciates the most is the lack of screeching and whining when she comes home. Take today, for example. When Mom got back, she unloaded all the groceries, took off her coat, and then let me out to say hello. I was calm, cool, and collected the whole time. I acted like I was as happy as a clam.
Side note: why do people always think clams are happy? I haven’t been around long, but I’ve heard that phrase a couple of times. I don’t get it. Don’t they live on the bottom of the ocean? Not like there’s a lot going on down there. There’s certainly no balls to play with. How Boring!
Anyway, since it was raining this afternoon, we just stayed inside and watched Mom on her new ellipsis, or whatever the hell that thing is. She sure puts a lot of effort into making that thing go, but she never gets anywhere. Even worse, now she watches the Gilmore Girls on her tablet while she’s doing it. How the heck am I supposed to see what happens with her tablet all the way up there? Ugh! I guess she likes it, but I’m not too happy about missing my show!


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