Dillon, day 100 of my life in DC!

Jack & Tommy, Jack & Tommy… Good Lord. Will she ever stop using those two as the example Micky & I need to follow? Every time either one of us does something “bad,” here come Jack & Tommy to rub our little noses in it.
When Mom goes to get us a snack, Micky & I try to show our appreciation. Sometimes this means we jump up and down and other times there might be a little whining involved. Mick’s favorite trick is the jump and bounce. This is where she jumps up and pushes off Mom with her front feet. Ooh, this really gets Mom going. Plus, it means we both get a lecture about guess who and we have to wait a while for our snacks. I could punch Micky when she does that. So close to the treats and then she throws on the brakes. We try to behave, we really do, but it’s tough.
I keep telling myself that I won’t be tamed, I won’t join her little Hitler Youth club, but she’s good. She’s very good and oh so subtle. Take my meals for instance. When Mom sets my food on my mat, she quickly pulls my bowl up if I don’t sit politely. This became such a habit that I don’t even think about moving until I hear the word “Okay.”
It’s the little crap like this that is slowly bending me to her will. No matter how I try to resist, I find myself doing what she wants. Did you know there’s a specific word that makes you need to go to the bathroom? I didn’t, but I do now. I can’t help myself. Whenever we go outside and either Mom or Dad says the word, I automatically look for a place to pee. What the heck!?!
Speaking of looking for a place to pee, I’m not loving this rain. I mean seriously, I’m dressed in fur. Do you know how long it takes that stuff to dry off? So, if I’m going to have to wander around in the rain, I’m going to make Mom “enjoy” it a little too. I made mom get all dressed up in her rain boots, Dad’s rain jacket, and an umbrella to go on my morning “poop walk.” She was not really excited about all this.
When we came back, there was a strange man waiting to see us. Mom said he was a chimney sweep, whatever that is. Mom seemed happy to see him, but I wasn’t so sure. I wanted to eat him and Micky looked like she was thinking the same thing. Then again, Micky is always ready to eat. I guess I’m glad we didn’t. Turns out the dude was here to, well, clean the chimney. Now, we can have a nice cozy fire in the fireplace. Cool! I hope we have one tonight. I’m a little chilly.


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