Dillon, day 101 of my life in DC!

One hundred and one days. Wow, that’s a long time. I’m glad that it’s days and not dogs. The only other thing I know of that has 101 of ’em is that movie about those little mongrel Dalmatians. Good Lord. I know I’m a black and white dog and I should have some empathy for them, but that’s just WAY too many of them. I mean, how’s a pup going to get any ME time with its people? I can’t imagine how hard it would be to find a place on the couch, much less get to cuddle up with any people. Nope, not for me. I’m good with just a couple of us running around. I like the situation I have here, two dogs, two people, two couches, perfect.
Today, being the 101st day, I was hoping for something exciting to say, but it was a pretty normal, plain ol’ day. I got up and did my usual routine. A great day! When you’re happy just to be alive, every day is great, but that doesn’t mean it should be on the front pages of the newspaper either. So, I’m going to call it a day and go chew on my hoof. Have a good night.
[Editor’s note:]
Since Dillon found his little orange ball, he has really been happy to go outside and chase it. Although the ground is muddy out there, he doesn’t even need to go past the lower patio. He runs outside and drops his ball on the top stair before running to the bottom to wait for it to bounce down to him. He does this many times and all on his own. He’s learned to drop it just close enough that it rolls off the edge, so the game continues. True, he likes it when you stand there with him, but he doesn’t need human intervention. Every person who meets Dillon cannot help but be happy when he’s around. How anyone could let him wind up in a shelter is beyond us. Their loss is our gain though. We have two happy little rescue dogs who now have wonderful little lives.


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