Dillon, day 117 – I think- of my life in DC!

Holy Crap! When Mom left with Micky this morning, Micky was about 7 years old. When she came back, Micky was about 9. How long was I locked up? Good lord!I know I sleep soundly, but I didn’t think I could sleep for two years.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. Let me back up and start at the beginning of the day. Mom got up first thing this morning and was bouncing around as usual and I thought we were going to spend the day in the sweat shop or something. What, I like to craft! Once breakfast was over though, Mom started cleaning up and going back and forth to the garage. I didn’t think anything about it, but I should have paid more attention. Turns out that she was loading up the van to go somewhere. Even worse, I didn’t get to go.
She totally duped me. When she got done loading the van, Mom came into the house and got me all amped up to jump in Micky’s condo-sized crate. Hey, she had cookies and stuff and I love the huge crate. So, I jumped in and she slammed the door shut. Next thing I know, she’s sneaking out of the house with Micky. What-In-The-Heck was going on?
Unfortunately, I never got to ask this question. Mom and Micky were gone. Damn! So, I did what I usually do when I get ditched. I went to sleep. Later, but not what I thought was much later, Mom and Micky came home. That was when Mom told me that Micky was two years older. Again, Holy Crap! How did this happen.
Well, it turns out that Mom and Micky had gone to the doctor. Good for Micky. She’s had this funky looking goop in her eyes for the past few days and I was starting to worry about her. The doctor said that Micky had a little infection and get this, the doctor gave her more goop to put in her eyes. I thought the point of this little trip to the doctor’s was to get rid of the goop! I guess that’s why I’m not a dog-tor.
So, back to the two years I lost. Turns out I didn’t lose them, Micky did. When they examined her eyes, what was once thought to be cataracts turned out to be the natural aging of her eyes. That sort of aging doesn’t start until little dogs like her are about eight and she’s had it about a year. Because Micky was rescued and brought home to live with these awesome people, Mom and Dad never really knew how old she was. It’s okay that Micky is a little older than we thought. She’s still my big sister!


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