Dillon, day 145 of my life in DC!

Friday, 3 March 2017

As Charlie Daniels said, “This is the end! But where I come from we don’t give up without a fight.” Let me back up a bit though. It all started with this “Jam” thing they keep talking about. Apparently, we’ve got just about a month and a half left before we go. I guess I’ve already been there, but I don’t really remember it. Mom says it was one of the stops on my way up from Georgia, when I was rescued.
Anyway, these two have high hopes for me at this “Jam.” I’m not so sure about all this nonsense. Micky says it’s exhausting. I guess she “over-jammed” on her first trip and was wiped out after the first day. Dad says it’s an absolute hoot, but I have to tell you, I’m a little nervous about all this.
So, getting back to this afternoon. Everything was going along fine. Micky and I even got to show off our guard dog moves when a strange man started wandering around the house next door. When we heard him, Micky and I immediately started running up and down the fence, voicing our displeasure. Turns out it was all for nothing. The guy was fixing their Internet and we didn’t get the memo.
Chasing that guy was great fun, but everything took a turn for the worse as we came back inside. Mom grabbed up my magic toy basked and just dumped it. Seriously, she just made a big heap of my toys in the middle of the floor. She didn’t even try to lay them out nicely. How rude! Absolutely no concern for my feelings or respect for my things. To say that I was confused by this would be an understatement. I just stood there looking at her for some sort of explanation.
I got no explanation. What I got was a trip to the basement for “some learnin.” I guess Mom has this wild idea that I’m going to
learn to put my own toys away. She got this idea when she saw me pull the ball I had just been playing with out of the basket. So, she figured I could learn to put all my toys away. Now, I get to practice this little “behavior” until I can do it on command.
Is this the end of my carefree life? Am I gonna have to work for my dinner? What the hell? I don’t think so. That’s not gonna happen. I’m not giving up without a fight. Down in the basement thunder dome, I just played dumb. I even managed to pull off not knowing how to sit. I feel like I won this round, but I also think this isn’t the end of the game.

Image may contain: dog and indoor
Image may contain: dog
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Image may contain: dog and indoor

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