Dillon, day 146 of my life in DC!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Ah, the weekend. I love weekends as much as any human who goes to work every weekday. It’s not because I need a break from the daily grind, but because both of my people are here most of the day and we get to do fun stuff. Today, I helped Dad get ready for spring.
The first order of business was to smooth out the front yard to make it ready for replanting. The lawn kind of got hosed when they replaced the water main last December. (See what I did there?) Anyway, there were a bunch of big rocks and a lump that looked ominously like a body was buried in the front yard. That’s silly though. Who would bury a body in the front yard? Everyone knows you bury them out in the forest behind the house.
While Dad was working on getting rid of the lumps, Micky and I sunbathed a bit. This was great! All the little humans from the neighborhood stopped by to say hello. One of the little female humans is extra cute. When she first met Micky, she was asked to always scratch the underside of her chin, instead of the top of her head. So now, every time she stops by, she reminds her friends to stay away from the top of her head. So cute!
After the little humans moved along, the fat beagle up the street strolled by. Micky and I always make a fuss about him. As soon as we saw him, we started barking and howling. We have a thing about fat dogs. We think it’s just a shame that their owners let them overeat. Do they not know how damaging it is to their joints and longevity?!? We four-leggers don’t live long enough to begin with. Ugh!
Once the body was well-hidden in the front, we moved out back to start filling all the bird feeders. Micky and I don’t really get much out of that, so we decided to nap. There are lots of sunny spots to snooze in the yard, but Micky and I decided the planter barrels were the choice spots today, which Dad thought was funny. I’m guessing once the flowers start growing, Mom won’t be amused.
Dad was also doing something Micky and I thought was totally ridiculous. He was filling in the low spots around the fence. Does he really think we’re dumb enough to try to run away? We love it here!
And why do we love it here? Because we get treats just for the hell of it. Today was the perfect example. When Mom got home from her errands, she gave us a deer antler. I had never seen such a thing, but I knew instantly that I was gonna love it! The best part was that it was split open so we could get at the good stuff inside. It’s things like this that make me ask why would anyone ever want to run away?

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