Dillon, day 148 of my life in DC!

Monday, 6 March 2017

ALMOST, I almost got a squirrel today! I was so close. When I ran down into the yard, there was one up in the trees and would you believe the little daredevil thought it would be cool to tempt fate? Yup, he jumped down out of the tree and started running across the yard.
What kind of insane rodent decides that he wants to risk the jaws of death by jumping down into the yard where a lithe, VERY fast dog is already on the hunt? Apparently, these guys are still trying to use Micky and me for the gang’s “jumping in.” I assure you, if I catch one, it isn’t going to be a butt-whooping. It’s going to be a funeral. If Micky catches one, there won’t even be a burial!
As if the initial leap into the yard wasn’t dumb enough, this guy couldn’t figure out which direction to go. First he ran toward one side of the yard and then hooked a hard u-turn and ran toward the other side. It was crazy! Mom was up on the deck hollerin’ the whole time like she was at a NASCAR race or something. I guess it was a lot like one of those races, I was right on his butt the whole time and we might have “traded paint” if he had been a little slower in the turns.
I never did get a squirrel today, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. It’s going to be a long summer and one of those guys is going to make a mistake. Speaking of mistakes, I’m sitting here watching my “ghost writer” to make sure he accurately portrays my day. Sometimes, he gets a little carried away in the “color” department and I wind up looking like a boob. Just goes to show you, if you want it done right, get a girl to do it. (Mom made me say that. Sorry Dad.) Okay, back to my deer antler. I love those things.

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