Dillon, day 164 of my life in DC!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Here it comes again! When I finished my breakfast this morning, I ran to the door and saw the sun shining and clear blue skies. I was so excited to see that the rain and snow were gone that I couldn’t wait to get out there. Then reality hit. It was freezing out there and the temps were dropping fast.
I don’t understand how that can be. The man on the news said Spring just started, but it feels like winter to me. At first, I was confused. I looked up into the sky to see if I missed a storm cloud or something, but there was nothing. What the heck?
I didn’t wait around to figure it out. I ran back inside and have been here most of the day.
If the weather isn’t going to cooperate, I’m not going to play. There’s a nice warm couch in here with my name all over it. (My paw prints too.) Maybe tomorrow will be warm. I hope so, the squirrels are running amuck out there!


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