Dillon, day 22 of my life in DC!

You remember those teeth Micky has? Well, I didn’t. Today, some friends came over to the house and I was having a really good game of chase the ball when the ball landed on the couch. When I jumped up on the couch, I landed right on her. Oh Dear God Y’all, I thought I was gonna die. She went straight into snap and growl mode. Thankfully, Micky has “muzzle” control and I survived the event relatively unscathed. I immediately retreated to the other couch and didn’t move for about an hour. Every time I looked up, Micky was giving me the death stare. Mom said I was imagining it, but I swear I could feel her eyes boring into me.

Hi everyone, this is the Princess of Death, Micky. Since that little punk is over on the other couch filling his diaper, I figured I’d set the record straight. (That’s the photo of me by the computer.) Yeah, sure he jumped up on me, but all I did was teach him some manners. I’m the adult dog and former mommy dog, so it’s my job to teach him, but I won’t lie and say I don’t get a certain amount of satisfaction from scaring the bejeezus out of him. And the bit about staring at him? That’s just one of my little quirks. I sleep with my eyes open sometimes. Mom says it’s really creepy, but that’s their problem. I’m sound asleep and couldn’t care less.
Today I searched and searched for another mole, but couldn’t find one. I’m afraid the word is getting out that there’s a killer loose in the neighborhood. That would be ME! Princess of Death!
Since I couldn’t find any moles, I decided I would torment Dillon a little bit more. I stole his ball! Turns out playing with that ball is kinda fun. I didn’t play with it long. Just long enough to irritate the little stinker. You would have thought I had stolen his last meal! Poor little guy, I actually felt bad for him. So, I let him have it back. Big Baby!

Dillon again. I managed to sneak the computer away from Micky again. One of these days, I’m going to need to learn to read. I’m pretty sure she’s bad-mouthing me, but I can’t tell. Because I needed a little pampering, Mom was nice enough to give me a mani-pedi. I’m an evolved dog and can enjoy a spa day. I just lay there and Mom trims my nails, wipes my eyes, and gives me a nice rub down. What’s not to love? For some reason, Micky, the tom-boy thinks all this is a form of torture. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why she minds. Mom’s really careful and it doesn’t hurt. When she finishes each foot, I get a mouthful of treats and she uses that voice I love so much. Micky is so against the whole process that she won’t even get close enough to grab a treat. Hmmph… Moron!
And I don’t care that she stole my ball for a little while. You should see the size of the one Mom gave me. It Huge!

Well, I have to cut this short. Tonight is Halloween. Apparently, dogs are not invited. We’re going into lockdown for the whole event. At least the warden approved a movie while we’re stuck upstairs in our crates. I guess they think we’ll sit inside the house and bark at all the little kids who come up. Meh, they’re probably right. I don’t like people near my house to begin with and a bunch of creepy little kids doesn’t sound like something I would ignore…

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Dillon, day 21 of my life in DC!

(Video not suitable for squeamish people.)

Three Weeks! Wow, time flies when you’re having a blast! I guess three weeks is a special anniversary around here because today we went out to a new park. It was just past my dog park and had a big lake in it. But I wanna meet the guy who came up with the name, “Burp” Lake. Seems like a silly name for a lake. [Editor’s note: It’s actually Burke Lake.] When we got there, I had never been to such a place and I was LOOOSING my mind. OMG! I didn’t know whether to bark, run, pogo-dog, or all of the above. I was a mess!
There were dogs everywhere. Big ones, little ones, a funny looking thing named Luigi, and a hundred others. This was awesome and I got to say hello to most of them. What I figured out around mile 2 was that when these people say we’re going for a walk, you have to get details in advance. I had no idea we were walking four and a half miles. I would have conserved energy, liquid, barks, etc. By the time we were done, I was ready to go. I was so happy to get in my crate and take a snooze.
Along the walk, I found out that Micky actually likes to swim. I wasn’t so sure about it, but wandered around in the water a bit. Since it was almost 80 degrees today, the cool water was refreshing. I tried to drink some of the water, but Mom was watching and she put the kibosh on that. What? Is it because the fish use it as their bathroom? Whatever.
As exciting as the park was, that wasn’t the only cool thing that happened today. When we got home, we were out back and Micky found a mole hiding under one of the planters. That girl is something else. We hadn’t been outside more than about 30 seconds and she was on the hunt. When Dad moved the planter over a little for her to look underneath, she snatched that thing up so quickly, I almost missed it. That mole certainly didn’t suffer, believe me. I, on the other hand, am even more terrified of that girl and those teeth. (If you watch the video on here, don’t say I didn’t warn you.) After she was sure the poor thing had expired, Dad got rid of it. But he didn’t get rid of the smell. Oh Boy! I rolled in that sweet nastiness for at least five minutes. Mmmm. The aroma was irresistible. Unfortunately, now Mom is talking about a bath. Apparently, there is … evidence … of my rolling on my back. Great, so I have that going for me soon.
Now, I’m sitting on the couch with my people after a long, but wonderful day. I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open. It took me forever to work up the energy to chew my Bully Bite. (Yeah, Micky was hovering the whole time to make sure I didn’t set it down.) I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Around here, you just never know!

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Dillon, day 20 of my life in DC!

Have you guys ever played with a Leaf Blower? OMG, What a blast! Today Dad decided to clear off all the leaves in the backyard, so I decided to help. I’m a big helper! As Dad walked around blowing the leaves up into the air, I chased the leaves. This thing is the biggest hair dryer I’ve ever seen. Every time he pointed it near me, I could feel the wind in my fur!

Unfortunately, I have a very short attention span for anything except my ball. So, I went to find my ball. (Yeah, I’m a little OCD when it comes to the ball, but I’m working on it.)
I love weekends. Dad’s typically outside doing something and Mom sits on deck chucking my ball for me. She was nice enough to throw it for about a half hour. After that, we went inside for a snooze. I guess Mom wasn’t feeling too hot today, so I kept her company on the couch. I’ve been been a good cuddle buddy all day. While we watched the NASCAR, I was glued to her side. And if you can believe it, it got even better. She covered me up with a blanket so I could really get some sleep. Besides, I really don’t understand the NASCAR. I usually root for a guy who has the same name as me, but I thought he drove cars. Today, they were driving trucks and a guy with the same name was out there. I don’t get it.
Tomorrow, we’re supposed to be going somewhere to see Fall colors. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m guessing it involves a car ride. So, I’m good with it. I think it’s just an excuse for Dad to get outside with his camera. And you thought I was obsessive about my ball. You should see him with that thing. This morning, he spent like 20 minutes taking pictures of a spider smaller than my toenail. Seriously? What’s he gonna do with those? There’s not even a dog in those photos. That’s just ridiculous.
Tonight I’m practicing my couch potato skills. Apparently, there were complaints about my ability to “chill out.” So, I’m doing my best to just hang out tonight. It’s killing me, but I’m trying. More tomorrow…

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Dillon, day 19 of my life in DC!

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out! Time to go to the park! Even though it was a little windy, we decided it was a good day for the park. Actually, Mom decided she was willing to go to the park and we didn’t argue. (I think it was more than likely she wanted me to burn off some energy so she could have some peace and quiet at the house.)

After our morning routine and stuff, we loaded up and headed out. I don’t even care that I get stuffed into a crate in the car. I’m going somewhere! And when that somewhere is the park, I forget all about how I got there. I forget all kinds of things when I get to the park. I don’t know my name, what words mean, or anything else that might be important when I’m off leash. Mom say’s I’ll grow out of it, but… I forgot what we were talking about.
At the park, I met a little puppy who was crazier than I am. She was some sort of crazy mix of Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher. Every time I ran past her, she would jump out and play like she was attacking me. She was hilarious! At six months, she had a lot of personality. Unfortunately, I also met another dog. This one was a pain in the butt. All I wanted to do was run and play. All he wanted to do was torment me. When Mom saw I was trying to hide from him, she invited the owner to get control of her dog. Yup! you guessed it. She and the monster dog left so I could play with the puppy. I love my Mommy! She doesn’t hesitate to protect me from meanies.
When we got home, I took a nap. Micky and I were exhausted! After a little snooze, I was ready for more ball playing, but not too much. It’s the weekend and that means we get to do all sorts of fun stuff. So, I need to rest up. I’ll fill you in tomorrow on all the fun stuff we do!

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Dillon, day 18 of my life in DC!

Have I told you about the house I live in? There are so many great places to play. Some have these great rugs and some have carpeting and others are hardwood. All the really good carpeted rooms have their doors shut most of the time. I guess I’m not allowed to play in those rooms without supervision yet. Micky gets to do whatever she wants, but she’s not what you would call crazy. I get told at least a couple of times a day that I’m a madman.

The places I have free run of are the rooms with the hardwood. Have you ever tried to get traction on a hardwood floor? It’s almost impossible. When somebody chucks my ball in the house, I scramble around like someone is throwing steaks on the floor. On the hardwoods, it’s even worse. It’s like a scene from the Keystone Cops or the Three Stooges. I try to run one way as the ball bounces the other. When I try change directions, I just slide into the wall or across the room.
If I’m being honest, it’s actually a lot of fun. I can chase my ball for hours, which is a good thing since it has been raining all day. I like being outside, but I don’t need to be out there getting muddy. There’s a good chance I’d get chucked back in the tub for that. (I swear Mom’s psychic. As I was typing that, she gave me a funny look. Creepy…)
My other favorite place is the top of the stairs. That’s the best place to play by yourself. I take my ball up there and lay down on the landing at the top. Then, I use my nose to push my ball off the stairs. It bounces down and then I chase it. I love this game! I can do that for hours. When Mom’s crafting, I keep her company by showing her my ball after I get it from the bottom of the stairs. She thinks that’s funny! The most common sound in this house is the sound of my ball bouncing off of something!
Tonight, Mom took be down to the “Training Center” in the basement. I thought we were going to do more of that training stuff, but it turns out she wanted to get me some exercise. All we did was chase my ball on the nice carpeting. Woo Hoo! I can really get some good traction down there! I still scramble like a madman, but at least I’m not sliding all over the place. It was GREAT! Even Micky got in on it a little bit.
I hope tomorrow is sunny. That way I can entertain myself outside. For now, I think I’ll snooze with Micky.

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Dillon, day 17 of my life in DC!

I am King of the bed! Last night when we were going to bed, Micky got mad that I was sleeping in her spot. So, she hopped off the bed and went into my crate. She just sat down and went to sleep. The door wasn’t even closed! She could have walked right out, but didn’t seem to care. What is wrong with that girl? How could she choose to sleep in the crate instead of on the nice comfy bed?!? I went over to check on her a couple times, but she just ignored me. Very strange! Oh well, I hopped up on the bed and said goodnight to Dad. (That’s the photo you see here.) For some reason I don’t think he was as enthusiastic about it as I was. Oh well, might as well get some sleep.

In the morning, I slept in after Dad left and didn’t move from the bed like Micky had told me to do and I had a nice breakfast after my morning walk. We even got Bully Bites for snacks. I don’t know what those things are, but I love em! Micky gets upset because it takes me so long to eat them. I can’t help it. They’re so good, I just take my time. Mmmm… Yummy!
Then, Mom started getting ready to go somewhere and Micky and I were both excited that we were getting to go too. Yay! Car trips two days in a row! Awesome!
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Nope, we got locked up in our crates and she left us all alone. It was terrible. I don’t know how long she was gone, but it seemed like FOREVER! Ugh. I was miserable.
When Mom finally got home I tried to tell her how much I missed her. I howled and screeched and pawed at the door to my crate to show how happy I was that she was home. For some reason she didn’t understand what I was trying to tell her. She told me to quiet down and then sat outside my crate until I sat nicely. Worse, she unlatched one latch at a time to make sure I stayed quiet. UGH!
Finally, I was freed from my prison cell and could race around the house. Mom said I was a total madman! You’d think she’d be happy that I was excited to see her. Can I help it that I get excited when she gets home? Would she prefer that I ignore her comings and goings? I think not!
I guess she felt guilty about abandoning us because we got a SECOND Bully Bite this afternoon. Happy Days!
After I finally finished chewing my snack, it was time for a little ball. While I’m perfectly happy to play ball by myself, it’s so much better when I play with someone. So, I brought my ball to Mom. Now, as you may know, I’m serious about my ball playing. I’m good at shagging balls in the outfield. I’m good at scrambling for the grounders. I’m just plain good at it. So, I expect the person playing with me to be serious about it too. Sadly, Mom was just phoning it in today. (At least that’s what I think she was playing with. Stupid iThing!) She just sat in the house and tossed my ball out the backdoor for me to run down and find. Yes, I still get to run and play. I scurry down the stairs as fast as I can in hopes that I get there before the ball stops rolling. A rolling ball is so much easier for me to find. With all the leaves and my limited color differentiation, it takes a little longer for me to find once it stops moving.
Just a clue, if you see me coming for the stairs, get out of my way!
I had my doubts about this plan from the get go, but when Mom tossed the ball, I ran to get it. Soon enough, Mom had to get up to figure out why I wasn’t coming back. With a lame bounce off the deck, she had tossed my ball into the tree.
It took me a while to figure out what happened, but I did. I used my nose to narrow down where the ball should have been, but I couldn’t find it. When Mom came out, she saw it sitting in the tree. And then I finally saw it!! I’m sure she would have come down to help, but I wasn’t waiting. I can jump. So, I did. I jumped up and poked the branches with my nose a couple of times and sure enough, out popped my ball. I decided that was enough ball for a little while. I love chasing my ball, but I didn’t want Mom to feel bad about losing it again. Besides, It’s getting close to dinnertime and I’m starving. I should remind them, but I’ll just wait. They’ll remember… I hope!
More tomorrow! I love this place! Lots to do every day and fun people who love doing it with me!

Dillon, day 16 of my life in DC!

Oof! You’ll have to forgive me today. I’m exhausted! I’ve been entertaining a pair of lovely ladies all day. The Poodle girls, Kacie & Shannon came over for a play date. When we got up today, Mom was running around getting ready for something. I had no idea what was going on, but hey, I’m in. I followed her around the house, making sure I was nearby if she needed me. Then, my hopes were crushed. She started packing her purse and getting ready to go. I thought we were getting left behind, and that means we were gonna get stuffed in our crates. (Even Micky gets locked up when mom leaves and she’s been here a while. Where’s the trust? Where’s the love?)

I really have to start paying better attention. Clearly, I missed some little clue, because Micky was about to lose her mind (though it would be hard to tell). She was running from the front door to the kitchen and then back to the front. What was going on? And then Mom grabbed the leashes! OMG!!! We’re going somewhere! I don’t care where as long as we’re going!
We loaded up in the car and I didn’t even care that I had to ride in my crate. (Have you noticed we have ready access to a lot of crates? Three for Micky and three for me. There might even be a few stashed around the house that Dad doesn’t know about.) When we got out, we were at the promised land, THE DOG PARK!!! YAY!!!
I couldn’t wait to get there and even though I’m not supposed to pull on the leash, I couldn’t help myself. When we got to the last 100 feet before the gate I just completely lost it. Mom said it was a little over the top, but who cares. Yeah, I screeched and whined and did my pogo-dog routine. The minute I got inside the park, I was off! I ran all over the place and met all the dogs. It was so much fun! Some of them wanted to play chase and I was definitely up for it! I was really moving when I passed by Mom. She was laughing because a HUGE Rottweiler was trying to catch me. She said he was the biggest one she’d ever seen. Yeah, and the slowest one too!
After a little bit, Mom’s friend Kathy showed up with the girls. Kacie is the calm one. I guess she and my older brother Jack were good friends. She likes balls too, but not nearly as much as I do. No Way! Shannon is the crazy one. She’s the only poodle you’re ever gonna meet having a bad hair life. She’s all personality and all of that personality wanted nothing to do with me! I spent the whole day with her and the only thing I ever managed to get out of her was a growl and a raised lip. Whatever. I’m too much for her to handle anyway. I’m tall, thin, and fast! What’s not to love? They’re cute and all, but let’s be honest, all I really wanted to do was play with my ball anyway.

A quick follow up on Micky and me. When we went to bed last night, she clued me into the morning routine.
Micky: Hey dude, just so you know, Dad gets up at an ungodly hour every day. Don’t even move when he gets up. That’s not when we get up.
Dillon: Okay, when do we get up?
Micky: We get up when the food lady gets up. Nothing is gonna happen until she gets her motor running.
D: What about Dad? Doesn’t he need us to see him off?
M: Nah! He’s fine. The only food he touches in the morning is for him.
D: But he fed us on the weekend.
M: That’s different. On the weekend he stays here after he feeds us and will play with us. During the week, he takes off for work and we’re left wandering around on our own until Mom gets up.
D: Okay, so just stay in bed where it’s warm?
M: Yes, trust me!

(The photo here is Micky & Me going to bed last night. Notice my ball is right next me in case I need it. If stuff goes down, I’m taking my ball!)


Dillon, day 15 of my life in DC!

Monday, back to work for another week. We got up early this morning. Well, to be more accurate, I got up early. I couldn’t find a comfy place to sleep until very early in the morning. I started out burrowed under the blankets where it was nice and warm. Unfortunately, it was a bit too warm. Whew, time to move. Next I tried sleeping with my head out on the pillows. No dice there either. It was a bad angle and I started coughing. (Yeah, that woke everyone up… Sorry.) Finally, I just plopped down on the pillows. That was juuuust right! Of Course, that was about the time dad got up to go to work. I’d have gotten up to say goodbye, but I was exhausted from all my shifting around. So, he was on his own.

To give you an idea what bedtime is like around here, this is what happens every night. After we turn off all the lights and lock up the place, I collect all my balls and make sure they’re upstairs for easy access. While everyone cleans up, I make sure they get a little bit of exercise so they’re good and tired for bed. Each one gets to throw my ball at least a dozen times before bed. They seem to appreciate it because they both laugh and laugh as I scramble around the floor trying to scoop up my ball. Eventually, they grab a handful of cookies for Micky and me, which signals the end of the day. Although I get to sleep in the bed now, it isn’t all smooth sailing. Here’s last night’s conversation between Micky and Me right after we got our cookies. (At least this is the way I remember it…)

Micky: Okay, go away, get off the bed now! This is where I sleep!
Dillon: They invited me.
Micky: I didn’t. Sleep on the floor or in your crate. This is my house.
Dillon: I live here too.
M: Whatever. I’m still in charge.
D: That’s fine. I’ll sleep down at the bottom of the bed.
M: You had better not move around. I’ll chomp your butt!
D: This is a big bed, can’t we share?
M: No, I like to spread out.
D: (Under my breath) Yeah, you’re starting to spread out alright, Porky!
M: What was that?
D: I said goodnight!
M: Hmph!

Thank goodness she sleeps the sleep of the dead. When I had to move to cool off, I was terrified she’d wake up and start with those teeth. Did I mention what she does to the moles out back with those teeth? I guess this is all part of the hazing package, but she sorta sucks at it. In the morning, I come in from outside and she forgets to be mean to me and scampers around and plays with me for a hot second. Then, she comes to her senses and remembers she’s supposed to be the tough girl. And when she’s cold and wants to snuggle up to sleep, who do you think is her buddy? Whatever, she loves me. I’ll wear her down.


Dillon, day 14 of my life in DC!

AKA Parole Day!!

Great News, I’ve been paroled! No more Lockdown. I am now a full-fledged parolee. Not only did I not get locked in that horrible crate at bedtime, I got to sleep in the Big Boy bed. Woo Hoo! Oh, and let me tell you, it was everything I dreamed it would be. Soft CuddlDuds flannel sheets, down pillows, and a warm snuggly down comforter! It was like a dream! When I went to sleep, I was cuddled up next to Mom, AKA The Warden. I guess now she’s my parole officer because she wouldn’t let me get out of arms reach. I didn’t have my ball so I was a little out of sorts, but I decided to wait her out and go to sleep. At about 5:30 AM, I made my move. Ever so quietly, I inched my way out of her grasp and started to sneak away. That’s when I realized Dad is a sleeper agent. (I know, pun. Got it!) I didn’t get one step from Mom and he was on me like a bad habit. Fortunately, all he did was lift the covers and remind me that I was supposed to be sleeping. Oh well, back to bed.
When we got up, the sleeper agent snatched me up and the morning routine started all over again. Back on the leash and dragged out into the cold to chase the Phantom Whizzer. So, to prove my point that I’m a big boy, I didn’t do anything. I thought this would impress dad, but he just seemed frustrated after walking me around the neighborhood for ten minutes. You just can’t please some people.
Back inside, Micky had dragged herself out of bed so we got to eat breakfast. After breakfast, my parole officer wasn’t satisfied with Dad’s efforts, so back outside we went. Good Grief! I enjoy a nice walk, but c’mon! I was barely awake!
Finally, I got to get on with my day. In case you think an 8-9 month old pup doesn’t have a real job, let me fill you in on all the things I have to do every day. Mom says I’m very interactive. I say it’s my job. Somebody has to keep track of these people. Unfortunately, they don’t seem very appreciative of my efforts. They’re always griping.
When I come in the bathroom, they say “I can pee by myself!”
But you shouldn’t have to! I love you Warden!
What are we doing now? You’re Awesome! Laundry? Great! Let’s go down to the basement. Woo hoo! We’re going to the basement!
This goes on all day. Wherever they go, I’m right there with them. I’m here to be supportive of everything they do!
I’m kind of a big deal too. I’m very clever. Last night, I found a little green aligator in the toy basket. I swear it wasn’t in there yesterday! (I told you the toy basket was magic!) I was entertaining myself, minding my own business until the Warden spotted me having fun. Apparently eating the eyeballs is against the rules. My bad.
Strangely enough, she gave it back when she realized just how amazing it was for me to get the eyeball out in the first place, much less without damaging the aligator. She tried and tried, but couldn’t get the other one out. That’s how I am! Amazing!
This afternoon, we holed up in the house to watch something called Talladega; more of that NASCAR stuff. It’s all new to me, but everyone was as little irritated when the guy in the 22 car won. I was rooting for the 3 car!
Tonight, I got to “work” for my dinner. Mom took me down into the basement/training center and worked on my basic training. We walked nicely on a leash, practiced sits and stays as well as “down.” I don’t know why she said it was working for dinner. I just followed her around and whenever I did what she wanted, I got pieces of hot dog. How is this work? When you add in all the time I spent in the yard chasing my ball, today has been a pretty good day! I even got a new ball!

Dillon, day 13 of my life in DC!

AKA Day 3 of Lockdown!

Ah, Saturday morning, a day to rest and relax and go to the park! It’s also a day when Dad is home and they sleep in a bit. Sounds great right? Nope, not so much. Every extra minute they sleep in means more time I spend in solitary! And as usual, they have my crate facing the bed where I can see my sister, Micky snoozing in luxury on the bed. I guess it’s a little added jab to remind me I’m on lockdown. Probably the Warden’s idea. Whatever, I can outlast them. I’m tough!
When they finally dragged themselves out, I was ushered out back to make sure we chased away the Phantom Whizzer.
Holy Crap! Where did that wind come from? Yesterday it was like 80 degrees outside. Today, it was easily 20 degrees colder with a howling wind! LET ME BACK INSIDE! The park is definitely out of the question today.
Okay, I guess we’ll hang out here and watch NASCAR. I guess that’s a thing around here…
HEY! Get away from that! Back Off Woman! I’m still…

Good Grief! Ever since he got here it has been all about Dillon! “I’m so cute!” “I like to play!” “Where’s my ball?” BARF!
This is Micky and I’m just about sick of all the attention this little punk gets around here. Even on Facebook he’s getting more attention than I am. What about me? I’m the princess! Sure, I’m shorter than he is and I could care less about chasing a ball, but I’m way better. I’m a girl! What about my life?
When he first got here, I was nice. I even played with him a bit, but I had no idea he was staying!?! Who approved this decision? Was I even consulted? I don’t think so. (Then again, I spend a lot of time snoozing, so I might have missed it.) He’s not so bad I guess, but now I’m stuck with him.
So let me tell you about my typical day. Since today was Saturday, we slept in a little bit. I love sleeping in. It’s all warm and snuggly and the bed is SO soft. I even have my own special sleep blanket. Every morning, there’s a cookie sitting next to me. What a great way to start the day! When we come downstairs, I get to hang out in the kitchen while the little guy gets dragged outside. Mr. Tiny Bladder can’t be trusted, so he has to go out before doing anything else. This morning it was freezing and really windy outside. I have to tell you, I got some perverse enjoyment out of watching him shiver and dodge the leaves blowing at him. (Don’t tell anyone that. They think I’m an angel.) Anyway, he finally did his thing and it was breakfast time. Right after breakfast, it was time for my morning exercise; I hopped up on the couch to take a snooze. Unfortunately, this is when Dillon decided to play with one of the few toys that still squeak. Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak for the next 30 minutes. Do you know how hard it is to sleep through that? Fortunately, I’m a pro and managed to get in a few winks.
When I finally got up to go outside, Dad was out there, trying out his new leaf blower. What a racket! For some reason, this is when Mom decided she needed to try on our Halloween t-shirts. As is typical these days, Dillon got the cool glow in the dark one and I get the tiny little bright orange one. It was way too tight and I looked like a pudgy little pumpkin. How humiliating! Of all the fun t-shirts I have, she picks the one that makes me look fat? Ugh! I’m so upset I need to take a nap.

It’s about time she got out of the way! It’s Dillon again.
She wasn’t kidding. She looked like a little Butterball Turkey! Too bad it isn’t Thanksgiving! OMG! She looked miserable. I almost felt sorry for her… Almost.
Well, it never warmed up today, so I spent most of my time hanging out on the couch or following Mom and Dad around the house. I’m not sure what all they were doing, but I was right there to help if they needed it.
Now, I’m going to change things up a bit and chew on a cow’s hoof for a bit. Fortunately, I have them spread around the living room for easy selection. Going outside blows, literally! I hope tomorrow is warmer.
Have a good night!